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Why I Choose Younique

I first heard about Younique when I started researching alternatives to false lashes. I always found that applying false lashes was too much work and I was always that girl with one lash falling off. Not cute! I ordered my Younique presenter kit in July 2014 when I saw a Youtuber who made great tutorials using Younique products without looking 'salesy". I admit that I jumped in pretty blindly and had no idea how great Younique really is. It's a community that truly helps one another and loves what they do. I made the money back from purchasing the presenter kit after just one ONLINE party. Yes..I didn't even have to leave my house..

By month two I was able to buy formula and diapers for the month for my daughter AND pay my car payment!

Here's a short video I made for you about why YOU should join Younique.

Becoming a Younique presenter allows you to sell Younique immediately. 
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 Younique is now open in the UK too! Join Younique UK Today!

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