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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Younique Success Stories - Deanna

I'm always curious to know HOW or WHY people become successful in their field and recently Younique has been sharing some stories from the top presenters. Naturally I thought I would share them with you! Let's start with Deanna Forester.

Deanna Forester
Exclusive Black-status Presenter ID#12
Nampa, Idaho
Sponsor: Younique Corporate

Deanna is a special friend. She is one of our corporate-sponsored Presenters and is a remarkable person on so many levels. She has been a family friend since 1991; her brother is married to my sister. When Derek and I started Younique two years ago, in October 2012, Deanna was one of the first people that I thought of to approach about becoming one of our very first Presenters. She didn’t take much convincing, as she wholeheartedly took the leap of faith, rolled up her sleeves and dug in the trenches with me as we built the foundation of what Younique is today. Our early Pioneer Presenters, Deanna included, had to work a little harder in the beginning, with very little brand recognition, fewer products, by representing a brand new unknown direct sales company. It wasn’t for the fair-weather type. She was invested from the beginning, from day one, slowly building a team reciprocating Deanna’s core values and work ethic. Deanna had a way of attracting like-minded Presenters and it is of no surprise to me today that her team is full of Presenters with integrity, sincerity, loyalty, and a work ethic that can’t be critiqued.

Deanna lives in Nampa, Idaho with her husband and five children, and is one of the most well rounded women that I know. She is spiritual. She is tenderhearted. She is intelligent (I mean, super smart)! She is physically fit (even ran a few marathons). She is beautiful (and tall). She is full of empathy and heart. She is everyone’s friend.

Deanna reached Black-status in August, one year and ten months after our launch. She persevered looking for opportunities to get out of her comfort zone in order to personally grow and also mentor others. I’m so proud of Deanna. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know her, you're missing out! I'm so proud to say that I personally know her. Thank you Deanna for being my friend, and for believing in me and Younique way before Younique was a household name and way before we had 95,000 Presenters like we do today in nearly five countries. You deserve success and you deserve this recognition of hitting the highest status in the company!

(written by Younique Cofounder, Melanie Huscroft)

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