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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Younique Success Story - Meet Jennifer

I love reading these stories!! They always get me so inspired!! 

Jennifer Thomas
Exclusive Black-status Presenter #9621
Decatur, Texas
Joined: January 16, 2014
Sponsor: Whitney Husband

Jennifer does her best work past midnight. Go figure, so do I! We have been trying to set up a time to talk on the phone to get better acquainted and talking at 12:30am was the best time for her. Her entire house was asleep except for her chatting with me on the phone. She says that’s pretty typical at her house as we both sat there chatting on the phone next to our sleeping husbands.

Jennifer has been married for six years and they have one four-year old daughter. Jennifer and her husband first met when she was four years old – their dads were fishing buddies. Needless to say, twenty-plus years later, their dads were thrilled when they decided to get married. Jennifer loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, and hunting. She also loves scrapbooking and reading. When I asked how she reached Black in less than eight months, without delay, she quickly responded, “hard work!” She would wake up thinking about her business, go to sleep thinking about her business, and during the day was always trying to think of ways to grow her business. She fell in love with the social-media aspect of Younique because she didn’t want to be away from her family having to do home parties and carry inventory. She is able to stay home with her daughter and work her business without it affecting quality time with her family.

She was first introduced to Younique by a Facebook post that her sponsor, Whitney had made. She followed her page for about a month and carefully watched which posts people liked. She didn’t know Whitney before Younique and was happy that she had stumbled across Whitney’s post! Jennifer’s long-term goals with Younique are to pay off all debt, retire her husband and be able to travel once a month.

Jennifer’s husband has been extremely supportive and appreciative of her hard work both in the home and with Younique. He acknowledges that her work in the home is a thankless job at times, but he appreciates all that she does to be such a great wife and mother. I love seeing a good man support his wife and helping her to stretch her wings! She confidently said that without a doubt his encouragement was instrumental in helping her reach the highest status in the company! I am imagining that in a few years when he is retired living off her Younique earnings, he should definitely get part of the credit!

(written by Younique Cofounder, Melanie Huscroft)

What motivates you in your business? 

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