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Monday, January 11, 2016

Join the Younique Movement

If someone would have asked me as a little girl what my dream job would have been I would have said "to play with makeup" or "writer". The fact that Younique is a REAL job that allows me to work from home, or from wherever I want, all WHILE playing with makeup is an absolutely dream come true.

Truth time - Being a presenter isn't always easy, sometimes it involves doing things that are out of your comfort zone - ex - taking pictures without makeup, making videos applying makeup, or talking to complete strangers about your business. I love how much I've grown since I've joined Younique. I have more confidence in myself and my ability to run my own business. Sometimes I sit and really think about it - I have my OWN business. How crazy is that? I never even thought about running my own business until I joined Younique. 

Here's a little information on why you should join Younique too.

My favorite parts about Younique:
1. Social media based. That means NO home parties (unless you want to do them). 
2. You don't need to keep stock on hand (unless you want to). 
3. Paid 3 hours after every sale. 
4. You can work when you want from wherever you want. 

Have questions? Email me - 

Ready to join? Click here!

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