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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Younique Splurge Cream Eye Shadows

I've spoken about the splurge cream eye shadows in the past and just how much I LOVE them here.

Each month Younique releases a new color and the color for this month was Dreamy, a beautiful icy blue color. I know that sometimes pictures make it a little hard to really see what the color looks like so I took some pictures and recorded a video of the cream eye shadows in natural lighting.

Dreamy, Charming, Tenacious, Dainy, and Elegant

Charming (light green), Elegant (pale gold), Tenacious (bronze), Dreamy (ice blue), and Dainty (silvery/purple)

You can see what the cream shadows look like "live" in this video.

My other shadows lay in a drawer feeling quite abandoned since these cream shadows have arrived. haha!

I use elegant as a highlight on my face too. I love multipurpose products!

Here's where you can buy your splurge cream shadows:

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